3 Ways Technology and Journalism Transform Stories

3 Ways Technology and Journalism Transform Stories


by Nicole Hanratty
How are technology and journalism transforming story-telling today?
There is no time to rest on your laurels in the field of Communications today.  If you are not thinking about virtual reality, drones, the Internet of Things, 3D video, and other new ways to transform information into new formats then you risk falling behind.

Technology and Journalism in Digital Communications

It used to be enough for journalists to type out their story or explain it on camera.  Now, when we watch the news we look for flashy graphics, interactive technology, and innovative delivery.

  • 1. Imagine a journalist on the site of an architectural dig site that uncovered ancient remains of lost civilization.  With 3D scanning and an app on their mobile phone, they could print a 3D model of what they see to bring the story to life.  You can learn how to create a 3D scan for free here on Lynda.com and how to print with a 3D printer here.

  • 2. With virtual reality, that same story could bring the viewer directly onto the site and allow them to discover hidden treasure first hand.  For example, The New York Times now has a NYT VR App, where you can find stories told in virtual reality with immersive 360 degree video that require nothing more than a smartphone and Google Cardboard (see photo above).

  • 3. Using drone technology the journalist could provide an aerial view of the site, even if it is in a remote location. Also using drones, the journalist could provide video into small spaces, tunnels, and areas that are unsafe for humans to walk into and explore.  Check out “A tale of two Syrias, told by drones” by Ishaan Tharoor in the Washington Post. Says Tharoor, “In one drone video, government-held west Aleppo appears verdant and bustling. Another shows rebel-held east Aleppo as a pock-marked wasteland.”[1] This technology brings a new angle to the story.
    *This WordPress review is for educational purposes only via the Digital Communications Journalism course at Syracuse Newhouse Communications School.


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