5 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills and Marketing Plan

5 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills and Marketing Plan

5 Ways To Improve Communication Skills and Marketing Plan

Who do you trust to tell your story? 5 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills and Marketing Plan
By Communication Expert Nicole Hanratty
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1. Who do you trust to tell your story? Having a hired a communication expert to vet your content and control your brand’s image is more important today than ever before. Influencers must be thoroughly researched. Companies now need to institute a social media policy for employees. Most importantly you must be able to trust your website editor, social media manager, publicist, press secretary, and marketing team to accurately and faithfully represent and prepare your brand.

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2. What’s hanging on your wall? All of your outward facing media represents you. Just like the art on your wall in your home says something about you, so to do all of your company’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and blog posts represent your company. Evaluate the story your brand is telling.
5 Ways To Improve Communication Skills and Marketing Plan

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3. Are you making the right impact? When you spend time, energy, resources, effort, and work hours to create content, develop a proper publicity plan. Wishing for virality is like panning for fool’s gold. Stay on the cutting edge of digital media innovations to keep your brand relevant. Leverage your content to reach your target audience and improve engagement. [Read Nicole Hanratty’s Case Study on Holograms.]


4. Do you give back? Elevate your brand with charitable outreach and collaborations. There are several ways to achieve this no matter the level of your company. There is a charitable outreach price point for everyone. Examples of ways to get involved are raising awareness with social media, red carpet step and repeat sponsorship, product donations, hosting an event, sending a marketing team member to represent your company to an event, place an ad in the event handout, or make a financial donation.


5. What are your credentials? Show your worth in your branding. It’s important to do more than just tell your target audience you are the best. Show them. Are your ads, posts, and content backed up with expertise? Differentiate what makes you stand out from the pack.
“Content is the new black.” – Nicole Hanratty
Nicole Hanratty is a communication expert. She launched the successful music entertainment charity-focused website lifeofarockstar.com. She is the trusted editor of celebrity blog DarrenKavinoky.com and multi-million dollar mega brand 1800NoCuffs.com. Nicole is a brand image consultant for the owner and builder of “The Bachelor Mansion,” with an extensive portfolio of video production, red carpet coverage, live interviews, articles, press releases and social media campaigns.
She is currently earning her M.S. degree in Communications, specializing in Journalism Innovation from Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. She also has an M.A. degree in Political Science with an emphasis in International Politics from CSUN, and a B.A. degree in Legal Studies and Politics with an emphasis in International Law from UCSC.

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