Best ways to leverage marketing platforms to increase sales

Best ways to leverage marketing platforms to increase sales


Want to leverage your marketing platforms to increase sales? In the digital marketing space, things evolve quickly. Trends rise and fall and only those quick on their feet can keep up.

Here are 6 marketing tips in an easy to reference and save infographic (scroll down for infographic) that shows you the best ways to increase sales and ROI on advertising spend. Whether you are a start-up or an established company with a robust budget, these tips are fundamental for growth.

When analyzing your marketing budget, it is a great time to take stock in your marketing plan and ask your team, “Are we doing everything we can to maximize sales? Are we taking advantage of free channels?” If you are not sure the answer is yes, read on.

Building consumer trust and momentum are vital to improving sales. These things are accomplished by repeatedly and consistently getting your message out to your audience. Here are six digital marketing resources you must master:

Leverage marketing platforms: Use your platforms to reveal your company’s personality, unique product offerings and give your audience a sense that they really know you.

  1. Get the digits. The dollars are in the digits. As of 2019, SMS open rates are reported as high as 98% with 95% of all text messages being read within 90 seconds, (Source: Kennect). A motivating text marketing offer from a brick and mortar store or an e-commerce platform, can move a consumer from a non-interactive state to the checkout stand. Consumers may change physical addresses, get new email accounts, or unfollow you, but mobile numbers rarely change. Be legally compliant.
  2. Swipe-up on the gram. Instagram Stories grew to 500 million active daily users in 2019 according to Statista. The finger swipe is easier than typing in a url and our phones are programmed with payment methods. It’s quick and instant gratification for your consumer. Make your content great and your offer compelling. Abandon all thoughts of organic reach. The old saying you have to spend money to make money has never been truer than in social media. Carve out a budget to boost your story once a day and pay an influencer once a day to boost for you.
  3. Revive your email campaign. When your store’s offering or e-commerce site draws in email subscribers, it’s as good as cash in your pocket. Seller beware: unless you have a nonstop fountain of valuable new information, cap your emails at three times per week. Take time to write original copy that entertains, directs consumers to an event, rewards loyalty, informs on new products or locations, or gives your readers something to share with others like a limited-time coupon. Pro tip: use your email to support your social strategy and watch both platforms grow.
  4. What influences your consumer’s purchases? Why and how do they search for your product? Walk in their shoes from need state to solution. Cover all the corners. Are they up late at night watching tv looking for insomnia cures? Do they search for your product on Amazon because they are embarrassed to buy in person? Do they look for reviews first on Yelp? Do they search RetailMeNot or Groupon for discounts? Are they likely to browse a magazine for your specialty product? Optimize your reach with multichannel strategies.
  5. At any given time, you should have a minimum of five offers circulating in your online store. Pop up discount offerings with purchase while they are on your site. Make a special offering at checkout to increase their minimum spend for a free shipping offering. Create instant BOGO deals with purchase. Set up abandoned cart emails offering a one-time discount to complete purchase. Ask your consumers to refer a friend at check for a coupon for their next purchase. Remember keeping a customer is much less expensive than acquiring one.
  6. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) works like a matchmaker. SEM pairs the consumer looking for a certain product with a brand advertising the same. The key is to speak their language. Some will search for 6, others a half dozen. Go for both keywords. Once you establish yourself as a top bidder on a keyword your digital marketing currency increases when your brand becomes a top result. Even if the cost per click seems high, remember a returning customer and the capture of their data is well worth the cost of acquisition.

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