Pros and Cons of Using WordPress

Pros and Cons of Using WordPress

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Wondering if you should be using WordPress?While many of us miss the good

While many of us miss the good ol’ days of the typewriter, when ink on the fingertips was a sure sign you were a writer, most of us wouldn’t trade our quick and easy desktop computers for the world.

The new challenge today isn’t whiting out a mistake and perfectly backspacing the typewriter to type over it, it’s finding the best blogging solution for creating an awesome content rich website.

WordPress (the platform this site uses) is a great blogging platform for any skill level. Whether you are a beginner to the World Wide Web or you run a multi-million dollar company, WordPress is a great place to build your site.

<h2>Wordpress for Content Marketing</h2>

Content is easily uploaded and displayed on WordPress. It has easy to install search boxes so users on your site can find the content they want. Pre-installed blogging features for categorizing and tagging also make it easy to tag your posts to increase SEO.  It’s one of the top blogging solutions.

The photo gallery is easy to use and upload photos to place in your blog posts or to feature as a product for sale.  WordPress even allows you to do some limited photo editing which is great when you need to do a fast crop and don’t want to go back into Photoshop for a simple fix.

Once known as the place for mommy bloggers, or small-scale bloggers, WordPress long ago outgrew this reputation.  WordPress is no longer for small bloggers, it is a space where major retailers also play. Now with the shopping cart installation plugins, WordPress is commerce friendly. Some themes are even specifically designed for sites that have nothing to do with blogging like retail shops or sites which feature photos and video.

WordPress is not perfect and as the designers who compete to sell their plugins on the site continue to develop fixes to some restrictions, we will see better results. One of the common complaints can be compatibility with mobile and tablets. In these cases, however, themes can be to blame and it may be that there is an easy solution–change your theme.

Another frustration with WordPress is that the mobile app is not as “full-featured” as it should be to accommodate uploading new content. It can be frustrating to try to and create a new page or add photos to a WordPress site through the app. Some features seem to be missing in the app and as a result, the uploaded content can look out of sync with the rest of the site.  In many cases, you end up needing to repeat your work by “fixing” the posted content when you get to a laptop or desktop computer.

Even with some drawbacks, overall, WordPress is one of the best solutions on the market today for its ease of use and endless plugin / theme design options. There are tons of tutorials online if you run into problems and, of course, the WordPress help center itself is a great source to help you work through any obstacles you encounter.

*This WordPress review is for educational purposes only via the Digital Communications Journalism course at Syracuse Newhouse Communications School.

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