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Darren Kavinoky, founder of 1.800.NoCuffs, turned into a hologram movie by Nicole Hanratty

Spectre Projector Puts Hologram Movies in the Palm of Your Hand

A few weeks ago, I began working on a hologram movies case study for my Syracuse University Emerging Media Platforms class.  I asked the question, “Will hologram video be the next step in journalism?”  I set out as one journalist with limited tools, (a Spectre projector, an iPhone, a black screen, a green screen, professional lights,…
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December 18, 2016 0
careers in communication

Future Careers in Communication as Tech Emerges

How are careers in communication developing as technology emerges? I remember about 17 years ago when I began learning how to edit video and create photo montages. It was not an inexpensive venture to take on as an independent contractor, the software was expensive at the time as was the hardware and the backup drives.…
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December 11, 2016 0

Aerial footage and drone capture data transform storytelling

Today more than ever with the ease of obtaining aerial footage and drone capture data this media can transform storytelling. Near where I live in Agoura Hills and the Santa Monica Mountains, there is currently a controversial story making headlines and drawing heated town debates about a mountain lion dubbed P-45 that is on a…
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December 2, 2016 0
Spectre Hologram Technology on top of a smart phone viewing a hologram video

Will hologram video be the next step in journalism?

  Will hologram video be the next step in journalism? In the next few weeks, I will be challenging my communication skills by testing out the ease of creating hologram content for viewing on smartphones. Using technology from Spectre that brings hologram videos to your smartphone with an inexpensive acrylic device, I will test just…
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November 27, 2016 0

Sensor Journalism Empowers Public to Tell Important Stories

Sensor journalism is empowering the public in new ways to tell data-driven stories that are important to their community or brand. Data-driven journalism is not new, but the online availability at reasonable costs of sensors to measure everything from air pressure to speed and motion now puts data journalism in the palm of the public’s…
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November 18, 2016 0

Virtual Reality Offers New Medium for Public Outreach

How can virtual reality offer a new medium for public outreach? Yesterday as I drove to work on my usual course that crisscrosses through an upper-class neighborhood, (thank you Waze) saving me time avoiding commercial streets. There was a man lying on the sidewalk in front of a beautiful home whom I had never seen…
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November 10, 2016 0
Martin Garrix Nicole Hanratty interview at Coachella

Martin Garrix is a Happy Surprise: Exclusive Coachella Interview

(Martin Garrix sits down with Nicole Hanratty for lifeofarockstar.com in the Media tent at Coachella. Saturday, April 12, 2014. Photo credit Jake Gould.) Interview by Journalist, Nicole Hanratty Sitting down to chat with the hottest new artist in EDM, Martin Garrix, can only be described as akin to having an out of body experience. His…
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April 21, 2014 0
Passenger interview with Nicole Hanratty

Passenger Interview “All The Little Lights” and Concert Tour with Ed Sheeran

Interview by Journalist, Nicole Hanratty Friday, September 21, 2012* Via telephone   Nicole: Hi Mike, it’s Nicole. Mike: Hello. Nicole: How are you? Mike: I’m very good, thanks. How are you doing? Nicole: Great. Thanks for letting me call you …I see that “All The Little Lights” hit number three on the Canadian iTunes Singer/Songwriter…
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September 21, 2012 0