Will hologram video be the next step in journalism?

Will hologram video be the next step in journalism?

Spectre Hologram Technology on top of a smart phone viewing a hologram video

Spectre Hologram Technology on top of a smartphone viewing a hologram video

Spectre Hologram Technology sitting on top of a smartphone viewing a hologram video

Will hologram video be the next step in journalism? In the next few weeks, I will be challenging my communication skills by testing out the ease of creating hologram content for viewing on smartphones. Using technology from Spectre that brings hologram videos to your smartphone with an inexpensive acrylic device, I will test just how easy or difficult it will be to create hologram journalism.

Project Overview

First, utilizing basic camera equipment, an iPhone, and an acrylic piece from Spectre Hologram I will see if stories can be told effectively in hologram format on a smartphone. I will test the ease and speed of producing the videos and see what types of content will appear in through the hologram piece from Spectre.

Hologram Video Journalism Goal

The overall goal of this project is to use inexpensive and easy to access technology to report or tell a story that appears as a hologram on a smartphone.
My hope is that this very inexpensive device that is placed on top of a phone will be the beginning of the everyday use of holograms to tell a story.
Instead of looking down at your screen, the Spectre device projects the video image upright so that your phone can sit on your desk and you can watch the video which is standing on top of your phone screen. Viewers do not need to hold their phone up to their face, or look down at the phone screen to see the video that is playing.
My goal is to show that a viewer can pop the Spectre hologram on top of their phone and watch hologram video in a 3 dimensional way without any glasses on their face either. The phone can stay flat on their desk, even somewhat away from the viewer and be seen by glancing over at it to watch the video story that is playing. It ideally can change video content to allow viewers to watch hands free and keeps necks in an upright position.
A benefit of watching video this way is that it allows the screen to really take on a second screen feeling because it isn’t flat so looking at it doesn’t take your eyes away from your computer screen or television. You can actually “see” them both at the same time.

Potential Pitfalls

Even though Spectre Hologram has provided some details on how to set up the video to make their device work, I anticipate that there will be a lengthy learning curve. I also have concerns that it will be a timely process that could be difficult to make the technology easy to use on the fly.
It may also only work in a limited capacity, i.e. it may not work with a 3D photo or scan.
It may not work well with mouth moving / sound coordination of a reporter telling a story.
The Spectre Hologram plastic technology may slide around the phone and make it challenging to watch the hologram because there is no way to secure it in place.
It may require desktop software to create and not be something that a reporter could do only with their smartphone.
It may be difficult to get the video set up so that the middle is exactly as it should be for the Spectre hologram to work.
I suspect that storytelling this way will be extremely limiting width wise since the video that can be viewed must be shrunk and set up to fit all four ways on the editing screen. It may even be limited to one “character” or object.”

Project Specifications

I will start by filming myself against a green screen, then determine the time involved in editing it myself to appear as an animated hologram that can be viewed through the Spectre device.

Incremental Progress

Once I see if that works then I will move on to add movement, jumping, turning, and sound narration etc to the hologram video I create. I will also see if gifs can be used and viewed as hologram video.


I will test the following different mediums to see what can be formatted to appear in the video / Spectre hologram:
Single person video against green screen
Single person moving video against green screen
Two person video against green screen
Regular video footage shot “on the street”
My 3D scan of the tiara
Still photo gifs


4K Camcorder
Spectre Hologram
Rolling tripod
Green screen
Black screen
Final Cut Pro Desktop
Smartphone apps like Green Screen Pro and video editing software
123D Catch App
Apogee Mic

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